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The microfiber towels supplier you can trust.

We supply various microfiber towels. fast, reliable, affordable...

High Water Absorption Ability

Microfiber cloth, which adapts the technology of orange shaping, will increase the surface of the microfiber and the pores in the fiber. In addition, it has many capillary cores to improve its water absorption ability. For this reason, absorbing water and drying itself promptly has become a marked characteristic of microfiber towel. No wonder why microfiber bath clothing and microfiber hair drying towel win the heart of their customers.

Strong Decontamination Ability

The microfiber, whose diameter is only 0.4 μm, has a special transverse surface which can effectively catch the tiny dust of several microns & Protect Greatest Pieces of staple fiber Gewgaw. This enables microfiber towel to have an excellent power of decontaminating and degreasing.

No Shedding

The polyster filament fabric of microfiber is almost unbreakable. Meanwhile, since warp knitting technology is adopted, there will be no running or shedding. Cleaning towel made of microfiber is perfect for the cleaning of glasses, screens, instruments, painting and electroplating surfaces.

Easy to Clean

When we use traditional towels, especially natural fiber towel, the dust, grease and dirt of the surface we clean will be directly absorbed into the inside of the fiber and remains there. Therefore, our traditional towel will lose its elasticity and feel hard after long-term use. While, microfiber towel absorbs the dust between the fibers, instead of keeping it inside the fiber, the fiber number and the density of fiber is high. In this way, microfiber towel is easy to clean. We only have to wash it by clean water or a little detergent after we use it.